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Cardiopulmonary/Sleep Lab Director
Sign on Bonus - $5,000

Crittenden Community has an immediate opening for Cardiopulmonary/Sleep Lab Director position.

Under general supervision, administers respiratory care and life support to in patient pediatrics, adolescents, adult, & geriatrics with cardiopulmonary system deficiencies and abnormalities. Trains and acts as a resource for respiratory department technicians. Aides in diagnostic testing for treatment of OSA/Central Apnea to out-patient, pediatric, adolescents, adult & geriatric patients the Sleep Lab Department.

Responsible for ensuring that the Inpatient tests performed in Cardiopulmonary/Sleep Lab are technically accurate, precise and valid and that all regulatory needs are met regarding technical performance of CP testing and treatment and for the appropriate handling of all IP/OP results and customers in a professional manner consistent with corporate values.


1. Assesses and recommends respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary treatments.
2.Plans, prepares, and administers respiratory therapy treatments including IPPB, aerosol, chest physical therapy, incentive spirometry, flutter therapy and sputum inductions, in accordance with established policies and procedures.
3.Performs diagnostic pulmonary and cardiac tests.
4.Training all staff on POC documentation for IP and OP treatment, response, and progress.
5.Inspects, tests, maintains, and operates respiratory therapy equipment.
6.Responds to “code blue” calls and assists by maintaining the patient’s airway and performing CPR.
7.Arterial Blood Gases
8.Ventilators & BIPAP
9.EKG’s, Cardiac Stress test, & Holter and BP monitors.
11.Responsible for checking completed charges and correcting billing errors.
12.Performs other related duties as assigned.
13.Promotes and participates in performance improvement activities.
14.Supports the corporate mission: “To provide quality, cost-effective healthcare in a positive and productive work environment.”
15.Adheres to the corporate values: Respect, quality service, teamwork, simplicity, creativity
16.Complies with all applicable state and federal laws and conducts job activities in an ethical manner as outlined in Crittenden Community Hospitals policies and procedures and in accordance with the standards and practices stipulated in the Corp. Compliance Plan.
17.Takes backup call or 1st call after the department is closed.
18.Perform CP staff evaluations in a timely manner.
19.Responsible for making out all Cardio and Sleep Lab Department shift schedules.
20.Responsible for running the Sleep Lab Department, scheduling sleep studies maintaining P& Ps for this department, trouble shooting and replacement of equipment as needed. Staffing appropriately, maintaining Medical Records, notifying Doctors, Home care Companies and following up on the care and treatment of Sleep Apnea patients per CCH protocols.

•The monitoring of all IP and OP cardiopulmonary/ sleep lab procedures in their specific section on all shifts assigned, while maintaining an environment of teamwork with all other departments.
•Assists CNO, performing and assuming duties, responsibilities and authority as designated during absences.
•Is specifically responsible for all projects assigned by the CNO, establishing objectives and rationale, policies, procedures, and data gathering and reporting mechanisms that coincide with the philosophies of the hospital and department and meet any and all stated objectives. Such projects may include but are not limited to IP quality assurance / performance improvement, continuing education, hazardous waste management, safety, procedure manuals, compliance with regulations concerning technical aspects of work, quality control procedures, involved in system updates and troubleshooting of computer- related problems, and any other projects or duties as determined by the director.
•Verifying the IP test procedures performed, and establishing the IP test performance characteristics, including the precision and accuracy of each test and test system.
•Interacting with the Medical Director/ Pathologist, Administrative Director, and other departments and/or professionals concerning the technical aspects of IP cardiopulmonary /sleep lab services to include procedure review and implementation.
•Performing, coordinating, monitoring and troubleshooting IP Quality Control Procedures.
•Ensuring availability of IP/OP supplies.
•Resolving IP/OP technical problems, and ensuring that remedial actions and corrective actions are taken whenever test systems deviate from the department's established performance specifications.
•Evaluating the competency of all staff (Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Lab) personnel (initial and ongoing), and ensuring that the staff maintains their competency to perform test procedures and report test results promptly, accurately, and proficiently. The procedures for evaluation of the competency of the staff must include, but are not limited to the following:
Direct observation of routine patient test performance, including patient preparation, if applicable, specimen handling, processing, and testing.
Monitoring the recording and reporting of results.
Reviewing intermediate test results or worksheets, QC records, proficiency testing results, and preventive maintenance and function checks.
Directly observing performance of instrument maintenance and function checks.
Assessing test performance through testing, PVP, internal blind testing samples, external proficiency testing samples.
Assessing problem solving skills.
Identifying training needs and ensuring that each individual technician receives regular in-service training and education appropriate for the type and complexity required for their department.
•Ensuring that necessary and applicable technical CEU and Inservices be completed and documented .Will carry out or oversee, on assigned shift, all functions necessary in the successful operation for Cardio/Sleep Lab Departments.
•Practice RT science in all areas, specializing in respiratory and cardiac care, which means is responsible for the information or materials for use in the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease or the assessment of a medical condition. This includes the pre analytic, analytic, and post analytic phases of such examinations.
•Performs CP procedures as well as IP clerical duties as needed. May be required to perform duties in any one or a combination of specialty areas of the CP depending on the scope of the department's activity and availability of personnel. Performs IP CP/RT treatment and diagnostic procedures utilizing quantitative, qualitative, or automated methods. Performs all IP testing as ordered to ensure recognition of disease including proficiency testing, quality control, and validation studies.
•Receives written, electronic or telephone requests from physicians for routine or special CP/SLEEP LAB tests.
•Interacts with and/or performs IP/op examinations on patients of all ages. Obtains specimens for clinical laboratory examination directly from any patient of any age, including infants.
•After proper instruction, must be able to independently operate all IP scientific instruments and perform any required IP procedures within the IP cardiopulmonary department. Must be able to use independent judgment and knowledge to perform related tasks.
•Must possess sufficient academic, technical, and clinical skills and knowledge to evaluate, troubleshoot, research, and resolve day-to-day problems that arise or special projects as assigned by supervisor.
•Be familiar with and comply with all Regulatory Compliance regulations regarding any procedures ordered, performed or billed in the department.

1.Promotes and participates in performance improvement activities, including presentation of inservice, departmental reports, hospital wide committees, and corrective action processes.
2.Must attend all mandatory in services.
3.Daily Review:
a.Take appropriate corrective action.
b.Notify CNO of recurring problems.
c.Lend assistance as needed.
4.Weekly Review:
a.Review, initial QC and Maintenance Logs in your department.
b.Bring recurring problems to CNO.
c.Work to update procedure manuals with a goal of at least one procedure update per week.
d.Complete an inventory every 2 weeks for your department, unless shortages are anticipated sooner.
5.Continuous Goals:
a.Review Proficiency testing results with all technicians.
b.Document this review for their competency files.
c.Work to bring new tests on line and improve TAT and efficiency. Monitor Proficiency Testing Program in your department to ensure that kits are completed accurately and in a timely manner and that all analysts have chance to perform the analysis at some time during the year.
d.Assist in the Orientation/Training of new employees and students in the various department of the Dept.
e.Ensure that they are adequately oriented in all phases of technical, safety, and infection control procedures.

1.Current Kentucky license
2.Follows Kentucky Respiratory Care Act for licensure
3.CPR certified

1.Registered or Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician by the National Board of Respiratory Care
2.Professional development will be maintained that includes the twenty-four hours in a two year period.

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