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Quality Management and Clinical Informatics
Crittenden Community Hospital has an immediate opening for Quality Management and Clinical Informatics position.


The position serves as a highly visible, energetic champion of quality and patient experience within Crittenden Community Hospital. This important role works closely with the CNO and CEO to provide leadership for efforts to continuously improve the safety, effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centeredness, equity, and timeliness of healthcare delivery to all patients. Develops, directs and implements performance improvement and quality management for CCH. Leads the organization to achieve outstanding performance on key nationally standardized metrics of quality, safety and patient satisfaction. Collaborates with Leadership to play a key role in developing a comprehensive program to minimize patient harm through the implementation of systems that: create a culture of safety; proactively identify risk; encourage adverse event reporting and thoughtful, learning-oriented analysis of safety events and near misses. This role also facilitates learning on the part of leaders, clinicians, trainees, and staff related to improvements required for the safest possible health care delivery. Serves as key liaison to all healthcare services, nursing, clinical, and administrative departments, medical staff, and committees throughout CCH.

Quality & Performance Improvement: Plans, develops and directs the hospital wide performance improvement program which efficiently and effectively identifies significant performance improvement opportunities, takes action, provides follow up and communicate these activities.
•In collaboration with the hospital and medical staff leadership, develops an annual performance improvement plan that established goals and priorities for Board of Trustee approval.
•Develops, coordinates, participates, and integrates medical staff and hospital departments’ quality improvement activities into hospital operational goals and strategic plan.
•Ensures adequate support, guidance and integration of the performance improvement program across the organization for the identification and resolution of opportunities for improvement.
•Identifies any patterns or trends, or significant opportunities for improvement program across the organization for the identification and resolution of opportunities for improvement.
•Participate with other organizations to establish PI improvement.
•Co-chairs Quality and Performance Improvement Committee (QPIC) every month. Set agendas and reevaluate value and direction of QPIC. Review ongoing projects of patient falls, readmissions, sepsis, quality results, etc.
•Oversees and ensures accreditation regarding regulatory standards and compliance: Assists in preparing for regulatory body hospital wide review/survey i.e: Joint Commission, DOH. Ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements in regard to practices, policies, and monitoring functions.
•Interprets, educates and assures hospital compliance with rules/regulations of Kentucky SDOH, Joint Commission, CMS and any other regulatory agency with regards to quality of care, patient safety, and utilization requirements/updates.
•Serves as liaison and insures appropriate reporting to regulatory bodies.
•Clinical Informatics

1.Complete the education and training required for the EMR and other clinical products to ensure all employees and medical staff have a good working knowledge and uderstanding.
2.Be a resource to help in education, training and troubleshooting.
3.Assist with the requirements of Meaningful Use, etc.
•All other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:

Education and Professional Experience

5+ years of experience in healthcare quality and patient safety with demonstrated ability in design and implementation of performance improvement activities in a health care setting including skillful application of continuous quality improvement and patient safety sciences
•Demonstrated ability to use and communicate data findings to produce significant improvements in the quality and safety of care
•5+ years of experience in healthcare informatics with demonstrated ability to work with software system to implement new applications and improve upon current processes.
•Baccalaureate business or nursing degree required or a related discipline preferred
Preferred Qualifications:
•Experience in Lean/Six Sigma or other proven improvement methodologies

Job Type: Full-time
Required education:

Contact Information
Crittenden Community Hospital
520 West Gum Street
Marion, KY 42064
Phone: 270-965-5281

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