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Visitation is Temporarily halted due to the increased number of Covid Cases in our Community.

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Mission, Purpose, Values and Vision

Picture of a smiling Physician shaking a mans hand. There is a Nurse behind him holding a clipboard and smiling.


The mission of Crittenden Community Hospital is to provide high-quality, cost effective health care in a positive and productive environment.


Crittenden Community Hospital exists to make our patients healthier through caring service.


Crittenden Community Hospital strives to maintain a positive and productive organizational culture.

We value:

Respect: We have a high regard for the worth of each person.

Quality Service: We are committed to excellence through teamwork and a focus on continuous improvement.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve a common goal.

Simplicity: We want to be honest and straightforward, and have integrity in our relationships.

Creativity: We want to be innovative, imaginative and willing to change for the good of our patients.


Crittenden Community Hospital will be the best health care organization - as viewed by its patients, the community, the board, its physicians and its staff - in providing a continuum of primary care.


The auxiliary is offering a $500.00 scholarship to help a graduate student. See links below.

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Download Kentucky's Hospitals' Economic Importance of Their Communities Brochure

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