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Business/Financial Services

The Patient Financial Services Department of Crittenden Community Hospital encompasses both front-end and back-end processing of your visit to Crittenden Community Hospital.

Our Admitting/Registration Department manages your access to the facility. We have a friendly, experienced staff that will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable at Crittenden Community Hospital. We register all patients, including inpatients, emergency patients, Surgical, etc. in an office next to the ER entrance in the hospital. There, we gather all demographic information and insurance information as accurately as possible. This may require asking you several questions and copying your insurance card. We also pre-register as much as possible, so that your insurance is aware of your upcoming visit to the hospital and to meet pre-certification requirements, if needed. Our Admitting/ Registration Department is open 24 hrs a day to help meet the needs of every patient & visitor. "We treat you like family".

For help assisting you with setting up payments you may call the Business Office at (270) 965-1001. If you need financial assistance paying your account you may call 270-965-1045. This sometimes involves follow-up with you via telephone and letters, and assessment for financial assistance.

Contact Information:

(270) 965-5281

Business Office FAQ

Q. Does CCH offer any discounts?

A. Yes. With the exception of meeting your deductible, and with the exception of any required co-pay amounts on certain types of visits, we offer a 10% discount to the public if you pay within 30 days of the statement date.

Q. What is the difference between co-insurance and a co-pay?

A. Co-insurance is what you owe after insurance pays it's portion (with the exception of deductibles and co-pays). A co-pay is an amount your insurance says you must pay regardless, depending on the type of visit. For example, your insurance might say that you have a co-pay of $50 for every ER visit you have, regardless of how much the total bill is.

Q. Is there a payment plan available?

A. Yes. Please call the business Office at 270-965-1001 if you want to set up a payment plan. You can also set up a payment plan through our billing agency.

Q. Why didn't my insurance pay their part of the bill?

A. If your insurance didn't pay their part of the bill, and you think they should have, please call your insurance company.

Q. Since CCH accepts what Medicare pays, why would I get another bill form CCH?

A. Medicare expects us to bill for the co-insurance amount AND deductible. We are NOT billing for the difference between our charge and what Medicare allows on that particular service.

Q. Will I owe anything on my claim except for my deductible & co-insurance after Medicare pays?

A. Yes, you may be billed for anything Medicare does not cover.

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